If you are ready to take the next step and adopt Facebook as part of your online strategy then here’s a few pointers on how to setup a Business Page.

You can setup a new business profile test account if you prefer to keep your personal profile separate, or alternatively set this up via your own personal account.

1. Sign into your account.

2. Enter the following URL into your browser

3. Select either Local Business or Place (You can setup both if you like).

4. Select Real Estate from the category drop down menu.

5. Enter your Business name. Preferably in a searchable manner. I.e. Real Estate Brand Building followed by Suburb or Region. Having long and difficult names can result in the inability to find you online. Keep it simple.

6. Enter your office’s address and relevant business details, and agree to Facebook’s Terms and Conditions.

7. You can also set up admins to manage the business page. See below admin panel example. Bear in mind in order to set up an admin they need to ‘Like’ your page first.


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