Traditional SEO is DEAD… Well to some degree it is. So we reworked marketing from the ground up. We looked at what you wanted to really achieve and we realised you don’t actually want to rank #1 on Google.

You actually want to generate new leads and sales.

That is why you’re doing SEO, otherwise what is the point? #1 does not necessarily equal conversions.

We’re not the first to say this.

Google said it first.

We just listened.

The ExHail Approach

Using your actual conversion data from your social media, organic and paid search strategies we can refine your entire digital marketing strategy based on what we can see is converting.

SEO Reworked

  • We no longer look at where you rank and fix you on a set of keywords.
  • That’s so last year...
  • We look at where your traffic is coming from, and what phrases you are converting for.
  • We take this data and adjust your SEO strategy accordingly.
  • Don’t be locked in; we’ll adjust your SEO constantly to evolve with what’s converting at the time.
  • Times change, so your SEO needs to keep up.

Social Personas

  • Link building still has juice, however SEO requires more than that.
  • Social Media is a huge player in SEO.
  • We create social personas who are knowledgeable people in your field.
  • These personas share industry knowledge, pushing your content out to give you greater reach.
  • We constantly strengthen and refine our personas so they have more influence on their followers and on search engines.

Google Adwords

  • Using Adwords, we can track which keywords convert and push this into your SEO strategy.
  • We’ll write unique ads constantly to see what works for your business.
  • We’ll adjust your keywords, mix different keywords with different ads to find what combination converts best.

Social Media Maintenance

  • Keeping up with your social media is time consuming: writing interesting content, growing fan-bases and reacting to interactions. We can take this off your hands.
  • Combining these efforts with your SEO and social personas, all your digital marketing efforts work together in perfect harmony.
  • We’ll write blogs, tweets, status updates and more.
  • We’ll respond to interactions.
  • We’ll make you interesting and give your brand a personality.
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